Roulette Origin

There are several interesting legends about roulette origin. Roulette in the layout we see it today appeared in 1765 in Paris. French emigrants imported this game into USA and the first American casino appeared in New Orleans in 1800. In 1861, a casino was opened in Monaco that became the capital of gambling business after the ban of casino in Europe in 1873. Now, every casino in the world has a roulette wheel. Roulette is popular because it is simple, easy to play, exciting and thrilling.


Now, the exciting game of roulette is available online when many different online casino sites display various online roulette table payout percentages. As always with any casino game, the house has an edge. In roulette, that edge is 5.26% or so, with slightly worse odds if one were to play a 5 number bet. At online casinos, your odds are improved slightly by the fact that you are given online gambling bonuses while playing.

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